Silver Kiss

Silver Kiss
Silver Kiss

One of my all time favorite paintings.  I decided to give it to one of my best friends.  To me this painting is fresh and alive.  I strive to do more of these.


8 Responses to “Silver Kiss”

  1. Laura Newcomb Says:

    It is truly awesome. I am so proud of you. Keep PAINTING!
    Laura Newcomb

  2. This is exceptional, I love the juxtaposition of your elements and the layering effect. You are definitely on the right track. I’m so glad you are getting back into your art, you have a real talent (and of course I’m not at all prejudiced)! Truly you have a lot to offer! The botanical has inspired me to try some fall colors and shapes here in Oregon. It is so beautiful just outside my window.

    Keep painting my dear girl.

  3. Wow, so awesome I love this! You should consider selling your art, I would certainly be a purchaser. Keep it up, you are very talented:))

  4. Dad and Pam Says:


  5. This is fabulous! You are so talented. . .keep painting!

  6. I Love, Love, Love this! You should do more of this kind!! Keep the passion!!

  7. I Love, Love, Love this!!! Keep the passion Amy! Your work is amazing!

  8. Jennifer Floyd Says:

    You are so very gifted! How God has blessed you with such amazing talent. You have to keep painting – it is a part of YOU! I am still going to comission you to do a painting for over my fireplace. Everyone in the SOUTH will want one of your paintings!

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