Here is my latest work.  It takes me longer than I like to finish a painting.  When I get in my studio I have two little girls who run in there with me.  Just as I get into a painting they decide to come up with a chant they sing back and forth or they love to say, Mom look at this!!! They are adorable but please!! I can’t focus when they are in there.  Next time, bringing the headset. 

This painting will hopefully be displayed at an upcoming art show in Mesa.  I will post the info soon. Thanks for looking!! 


Botanical - Sold


7 Responses to “Botanical”

  1. GORGEOUS Amy! your work is amazing!
    I want to hear those two little girls’ voice! I miss them! tell them I said Hi!

  2. Amy, you are so very talented! I am proud of you for taking some time for yourself painting this week. You need to do it more often. Your work is beautiful!

  3. Teresa Garcia Says:

    Amy…it’s been way too long!!!! I was thrilled to get the email about your new site. It is WONDERFUL to see your work!! Keep it up!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful work, Amy!

  5. Jennifer Floyd Says:

    I am so excited I can see your work!

  6. Amy, thank you for sharing your amazing work with me! I can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work even if your beautiful girls slow you down sometimes.

  7. Hi:

    I’ts your old mom again. Haven’t been out to your sight in ages, just saw what you did with your dad’s old tools. WOW! You made an old lady’s day honey. Much love!

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