Yes, I know

I am supposed to finish this painting I started a year ago.  I know I know!! But, hey, all the birthdays and parties and Thanksgiving are going to mess me up.  So, I was surfing on this net and found this.  A perfect way to procrastinate cooking, cleaning and it is all art related. Have fun!!

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock


3 Responses to “Yes, I know”

  1. Megan Casteel Says:

    That was serious fun, Amy! I had to do it again and again. Thanks for sharing. Miss you!

  2. Jennifer Hackelton Says:

    I clicked on this link and started making an art masterpiece. Then, our kitten, Sarah, jumped up on the desk and started going crazy!! Every time I moved the mouse around to make more “art”, she would attack the screen. It was so funny! I had fun and so did she, so thanks!!

  3. yeah, I found your blog! So glad your hair styling was faster this morning. I’m still waiting on perm feedback… so afraid I will have to redo it in a month!

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