Rex Preston

A long time ago in a land far, far away….. My Dad used to go to England, when I was young, on business trips.  We used to love getting his gifts when he finally got home.  I still remember the Princess Diana tin filled with candy. Did I save the tin? No!! Oh well.  Anyway, he also brought back this beautiful painting for my mom.  He bought it in the early 70’s and it has always hung around our house.  I recently acquired it from my mom and have it in my house now.  I love the trees and how serene if feels.  Fall around here is kind of blah.  I miss seeing leafless trees and dark days.  Is it possible to have too much sun??  The artist painted this painting in South Derbyshire, or if you are from England it is called South Darbysher, (I found this out the embarrassing way speaking to a person from there).  I am posting it on my sight because the artist himself, Rex Preston, would like to take a peak at it!  If you like his work I have included his website on my list.  He is an amazing landscape painter who has been painting for many years.  I have been honored to receive an email from him.  Thanks Rex for your time.  I have a lot to learn!!

"South Derbyshire", Rex Preston

"South Derbyshire", Rex Preston


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  1. very very nice!

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