oh hum

Art has not been going my way.  I couldn’t wait to paint this summer.  I had these wonderful ideas of recreating each room in my house that I grew up in. I shopped at antique stores and came up with some childhood memories and color ideas.  But, for me, if the process doesn’t happen fast enough I get bored with myself. These are the times I wish I did not have a job!! But, I love my job so there you have the love/hate relationship.  I have managed to ruin two paintings this summer and start one I can not stand.  Everything has been gessoed over and is in my studio awaiting inspiration. It might be a while.  Until then, enjoy a photo I took in Hawaii.  At least I was inspired there! Happy Summer.



Happy Hibiscus

Happy Hibiscus

Water Abstract

Water Abstract


2 Responses to “oh hum”

  1. Hi there! Thought I’d see what works you’ve been up to, and well, we’ll just say “welcome to my world” I feel you’re pain with that love/hate relationship, the inspiration gone kaput because it’s taking too long, etc etc. So funny!

    PS – My mom’s moving here this weekend…can you believe it!?! But I’ll still have my sister in AZ so I’ll be out again next June and we’ll get together! Cheers ~ D.

  2. oops, that’s “your pain” not you are pain! haha

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