If in doubt, add a butterfly

Here are a few paintings I just finished using this great butterfly book I found at the local library.  I figured out, while making these, that I am famous for painting myself in a corner.  Then my next step is to get very frustrated and not finish the painting. I decided to finish these even if I didn’t like them just so I could get out of the corner.  I was going for a simple composition when I realized that a minimalist touch is just not my style.

Dawn 12"x 12" mixed media

Dawn ~ close up

Dawn ~ close up

Midnight 12"x 12" mixed media

Midnight ~ close up

Midnight ~ close up

Midnight ~ close up


4 Responses to “If in doubt, add a butterfly”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amy my dearest, I just knew you were being creative. I keep meanig to call. I am so impresssed with this group of pictures. Inspiring. Keep going dear girl, you are truly talented. Much love,

  2. Leslie Shotton Huffman Says:

    Amy I think these two works of art are my favorite. I love Midnight the colors are so beautiful and it evokes emotions and leaves me with a sense of wonderment. I want to see them close up! Again amazing!

  3. Love them………they are beautiful!!

  4. Impressive, can’t pick just one. I love them all, so much to see and study wow!

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