Old Drawings

Recently I got to meet with Melody at Blackbird Art Studio in Queen Creek, AZ. What an amazing place for all artists of all ages to go. Click on this link to check it out! http://www.blackbirdcenter.com/ Anyway, I realized that I have never paid that much attention to drawing as much as I should be as  an art teacher and all. I have done a few drawings I am really proud of and have included them here.   I am not a sketcher so much and that is my downfall as an artist.  I guess that is because I get caught up in the details too much and feel I have to include every single one of them. I have always been jealous of sketchers and have done a few at home.  They always end up as full blown volume drawings.  Oh well.  Something to strive for.  Going camping next weekend. I will drag the sketchbook with me and see what happens.  

Studio Still Life


Junk Box Still Life


2 Responses to “Old Drawings”

  1. Paint AND draw – jealous!! I guess I will have to be satisfied with my stick people!!
    Beautiful drawings…

  2. hi amy,
    i’ve just discovered your page here! love your junk box drawing! you are very talented indeed…it does run through our family…how lucky we were to get that great “art” gene!

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