Memory Boxes

I never know what to buy people to show my appreciation for them.  I usually end up getting a gift card which is not imaginative at all but definitely safe.  So, this time, I decided to make little memory boxes out of sculpey clay and mint tins.  I sculpted the top and let my children make tiny objects to place inside.  For one of our favorite teachers we put a tiny pencil, a yellow dress that she used to wear and gummie bears.  For another box we put music notes and cupcakes.  It was fun and I will probably make more of these just to blow off some creative steam.

memory boxes


2 Responses to “Memory Boxes”

  1. okay! I LOVE these! you are so dang creative! I haven’t blogged in what seems forever…..sooooo since you are blogging…..I shall blog….thanks for the kick in the hiney to blog and to be creative today (or tomorrow) and thanks for being my creative friend….hugs….and smooches….lots of smooches…..(don’t tell Joel) 😉

  2. love these! thank you again! my kids still go in the box and admire the little pieces you put inside. i love how creative you are – i should give you my clay because i look at it all the time and go “duh…..what could i do with this?”

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