I was finally able to work on some art. I was inspired by a sweet student and a great friend to get off my hiney and get busy. I made sure the work I was doing would not take weeks, like it usually does.  Each one didn’t take too long so I was able to make a whole series. I was also inspired by my children.  They have this great ability to see colors when they hear numbers. They both agreed on the same colors for certain numbers.  You can imagine how stumped I was to hear the number 10 is clear or flashing. So, they were the “inspiration” and I chose to not take them too literally or I would not have finished this series. I am still putting titles on them as I think of them so not all of them have one. To see them closer, click on the individual painting.  Don’t laugh at my photography skills…..Enjoy.


5 Responses to “Accomplishments”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are so talented! They all look amazing! I’m glad you got your “me time”.

  2. oops, I forgot to leave my name…….it’s me, your nerdy friend, Lupita!

  3. AMY!!! These are gorgeous! I was excited when I saw your name on my blog and that you had a new post! yay!!!
    I read your sentence wrong at first in your first paragraph, that your your friend to get your “great hiney” hee hee!
    Anyways, so glad you are creating, glad to see it all, are you selling these or hanging them in your home or for the girls?
    love ya and miss ya!

  4. Alicia Gavlik Says:

    You have so much talent!!!

  5. leslie huffman Says:

    Your creativity and ability to see art in every aspect of your life is astounding. You inspire me.

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