We Play

I finally got to take a painting class all for just ME.  I was the student this time and I really enjoyed the feeling of being taught while being surrounded by creative people.  This environment helped me see things from a student’s perspective since I am always the teacher. The students might be listening, but I realized they are half listening because they must be thinking what I was thinking…..give me my paintbrush!! I took a collage composition class with John and Eli Milan at their studio in San Tan Valley with a good friend of mine. We got to paint side by side and critique each others art. I love my piece and wanted to take my friend’s painting home. My painting still has a few issues but I still love it. I was able to incorporate my childrens’ artwork with some homework they have done in the past.  I titled this piece “We Play” from my daughter’s spelling list I used. I should be in my studio making more but the heat is wiping me out. More later.


One Response to “We Play”

  1. AMY! just now seeing this (yes I am so behind and since I just blogged, I thought I better see if you have! ha!) anyways, I am in LOVE with your painting and I love your name for it 🙂 do you know that us quilters name our quilts too? 😉 hugs and miss you!

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