Oh Betty

I did a series of paintings of these very feminine dresses. They were mostly inspired by McCall’s patterns via Google. However, I noticed that the best silhouettes were actually poses done from the actresses of Madmen. You will have to guess which painting has “Betty” in it. You can see more of these on Facebook/AmyFloyd’sArtwork.






6 Responses to “Oh Betty”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is so beautiful!

  2. spluckygirlart Says:

    Thank you for your compliment:)

  3. your blogging?!! I just did one too! lol 4 times in 2 years isn’t bad huh?!! lol anyways…these paintings might be my favorites of yours!!!!!!!! love them!

  4. spluckygirlart Says:

    Thank you Leslie. These were fun to do. I have a few more in the studio. We shall see!

  5. I’m pretty sure the last two are definitely McCall’s 🙂

  6. spluckygirlart Says:

    Yes! One is McCall’s and one is actually Betty.

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