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New website. More blogging. Less spaces in between.

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Amy Floyd Studio


I have a new website that features all of my paintings. I have been working on a new series that I’m excited about. My new work focuses on aerial landscapes. If you would like to check them out, link is above. Thank you in advance.

Shelter, big file1

I’m on Instagram and blogging feels like homework.

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So I have noticed that I do not write much. I’m not sure why. It feels like homework to me I think. I work in a school as an art teacher as well as work in my studio as an artist. Maybe I just see blogging as one more thing to do! I am on Instagram and I use very little words on there and it makes me happy.  You can follow me there by clicking this Amy Floyd Studio  instagram

Like Me on Facebook

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Yes I told you to LIKE me. See how powerful the internet is? If you get a chance that is the best place to see my updates at Amy Floyd’s Artwork.  Thanks for stopping by!

Scientific Illustration meets my favorite flowers

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I love to illustrate and often wonder if I should be a painter. Hmm. So I decided to mix the two and came up with the following results. Enjoy~

Modern Poppy II 15"x15" Mixed Media on canvas Amy Floyd

Modern Poppy II
Mixed Media on canvas
Amy Floyd

Modern Poppy I 15"x15" Mixed Media on canvas  Amy Floyd

Modern Poppy I
Mixed Media on canvas
Amy Floyd

Memory Boxes

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I never know what to buy people to show my appreciation for them.  I usually end up getting a gift card which is not imaginative at all but definitely safe.  So, this time, I decided to make little memory boxes out of sculpey clay and mint tins.  I sculpted the top and let my children make tiny objects to place inside.  For one of our favorite teachers we put a tiny pencil, a yellow dress that she used to wear and gummie bears.  For another box we put music notes and cupcakes.  It was fun and I will probably make more of these just to blow off some creative steam.

memory boxes

oh hum

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Art has not been going my way.  I couldn’t wait to paint this summer.  I had these wonderful ideas of recreating each room in my house that I grew up in. I shopped at antique stores and came up with some childhood memories and color ideas.  But, for me, if the process doesn’t happen fast enough I get bored with myself. These are the times I wish I did not have a job!! But, I love my job so there you have the love/hate relationship.  I have managed to ruin two paintings this summer and start one I can not stand.  Everything has been gessoed over and is in my studio awaiting inspiration. It might be a while.  Until then, enjoy a photo I took in Hawaii.  At least I was inspired there! Happy Summer.



Happy Hibiscus

Happy Hibiscus

Water Abstract

Water Abstract